What type of equipment do Private Investigators use?
A successful private investigator will own several investigative tools. These tools are based on the type of work or cases you will be working on. Probably the most important investigative tool is a surveillance friendly vehicle. The most common is a mini-van, however, the best vehicle is one that blends best for the area you are working in. You also need to own a digital video camcorder, a covert body worn video camera, a miniature digital video recorder, and a covert digital audio recorder. We have found that the best source for hidden cameras, spy gadgets and specialty private investigative equipment is PI Gear at www.Pigear.com

Here is a list of the most commonly used tools and equipment used by private investigators:
Digital Audio Recording Devices
Digital Camcorders
Extension Lens
Digital Still Cameras
Hidden video cameras
Body worn Cameras
Digital Video Recorders
Covert Vehicle tracking equipment
Personal Protection devices
Diversion Safes
Night vision cameras
GPS tracking devices
Pocket DVR’s
Detection Devices
TSCM Equipment (Debugging)
Spy Glasses
Phone Security
Security Video Systems
Button Camera

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