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What related occupations would be beneficial in becoming a Private Investigator?

The obvious occupations include military, law enforcement, insurance adjusters, and paralegals. However, there are many other occupations that could be advantageous, which include actors for undercover investigations, accountants for financial investigations, photographers and videographers for investigative surveillance assignments, engineers for product liability cases, librarians and title company searchers to conduct record research of public and Internet based data, and the list goes on.

How do I find a job as a Private Investigator?
The easy answer is to monitor local ads in newspapers, but most investigative agencies promote openings nationally through the PI Magazine Classifieds both in print and on the PI Magazine website as well as postings on Private Investigator related Internet list serves. Another option is to call a local detective agency and offer to start with them as an intern. Even though you might not get paid, the training and experience you will receive is priceless.


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