Do I need a license to become a Private Investigator?
Yes, you do need a license to become a licensed private investigator in 42 states and in some states you may actually need a city license. The only states that currently do not license private investigators are: Colorado, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, South Dakota, and Wyoming.
Where can I find the licensing requirements to become a Private Investigator?

You can find a detailed list of private investigator licensing requirements by visiting the links page at PI

How can I become a Private Investigator?

You can become a private investigator by simply getting hired by a licensed investigative agency or a detective agency. Employees of licensed investigative agencies must be properly registered with the state licensing authority. Once you have been properly registered with the state, you are legally recognized as a private investigator. To become a licensed private investigator, you must meet the licensing requirements for the state in which you will be working.
Do you need to be former law enforcement to become a Private Investigator?
While a majority of private investigators have prior law enforcement experience, it is not necessary. Many of the country’s most successful private investigators have never been a police officer or served in the military. However, having prior law enforcement experience can be advantageous if the person has had specialized training in investigative specialties.

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