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How many private investigators are there in the United States?
The best estimate provided by PI Magazine is that there are approximately 60,000 private investigators employed in the USA.

How much do Private Investigators really earn?
According to the United States Department of Labor the average income of a private investigator or private detective was $28,000 in 2005. This figure may seem low, but it is actually quite accurate for a majority of private investigators. As mentioned earlier, many PI’s are retired law enforcement who usually receive some sort of pension in the $40-$60k range. When you add the reported average $28k income along with the pension income you can understand why the average income isn’t that high. However, we have found that the average income of non-law enforcement PI’s is much higher ranging from $40k – $120K. There are many private investigators that earn more than $200k per year, but those successful investigators represent less than 5% of all licensed investigators in the United States.

How many women are Private Investigators?
The number of female private investigators is on a continuing up rise with an estimated 15% share of the approximate 60,000 private investigators in the United States. There are no official records that provide an exact number of women licensed or working as private investigators. However, the increasing number of women attending state association investigative conferences seems to confirm these numbers.

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