If you have an idea for an article to propose to PI Magazine, please consider the following before you contact the editor:

  • Please review the “Writer’s Guidelines” on this website before submitting your query.
  • Do not send as an attachment; put the query in the body of the email message.
  • Include your name, email address, phone number and mailing address in the body of the email, above the query.
  • Explain your topic and how you would develop it, why you should be the one to write the article, your estimate of the word count, and whether photos or other illustrative materials are available.
  • Review the deadline list below and tell us when you would expect to submit your article. Remember to allow plenty of time for the editor’s response to your query, and then, if we’re interested in your topic, for you to complete and submit the article before the deadline.
  • Queries should be no more than the equivalent of one typed page.
  • In the subject line put: Query—PI Magazine
  • Send by email to the editor: editor@pimagazine.com

Issue Deadlines:

January-February: November 1
March-April: January 2
May-June: March 1
July-August: May 1
September-October: July 1
November-December: September 1

Submission by the deadline does not guarantee that the article will be published in PI Magazine. All articles are accepted “on spec”. Final publication decision is made by the Editor-in-Chief.


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