The PI Business & Marketing Secrets Revealed Seminar

by Jimmie Mesis

Hi, my name is Jimmie Mesis, and I’ve been a successful businessman and private investigator since 1979. Many of you may already know me as the owner of PI Magazine, as well PI and PI

You may have heard me speak at conferences all over the United States, Canada and England. For the last 20 years, I’ve taught more than fourteen thousand private investigators the secrets to becoming financially successful as a PI. Here’s your chance to learn the secrets I and many other PI’s have used to earn millions of dollars as a private investigator.

How To DOUBLE Your PI Income & Client Base

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Are you earning $500-$1000 as a PI per day…everyday?

Why Not? Learn How!

Want to DOUBLE your income?

You can, and I’ll show you how!


During this special one-day 8 hour event, I will teach you:

I will teach YOU what your competitors don’t want you to know!

Learn How to: Increase Your Hourly Rate & Get Larger Retainers without losing clients!

How would you like to learn two amazing techniques that will immediately increase your hourly rate and the retainer amounts you get without losing a single client? This tip alone will significantly help to increase your income.

Learn How to: Convert More Phone Inquiries into Clients

Not only will you learn how to turn all these callers into clients, you’ll also learn a script you and your staff can use whenever your telephone rings. But first, I’ll teach you how to get your business phone to ring. You’ll have clients calling YOU instead of YOU chasing them.

Learn How to: Get Cases From Lawyers

If you want lawyers as clients, I will teach you how to get past the secretary and reach the decision makers. You’ll start getting appointments and cases right away. You’ll even learn how to get the secretary or paralegal to be your main source of new work. I’ll also provide you with a script of what to say.

Learn How to: Get Cases From Insurance Companies

You’ll learn a very simple technique that will insure insurance companies consider hiring you on the spot. How would you like to learn how to get added to the Authorized Vendors List at most of the insurance companies you contact? I’ll show you how!

Learn How to: Turn a $10 Database Search Into a $250 – $750 Intelligence Report

I’ll show you how you can take a database search, along with some free Internet searches, and put together a specialized report that clients will pay you hundreds of dollars for. All it takes is me showing you the two steps that makes this work and help you generate thousands of dollars in extra income.

Learn How to: Get Cases From the Internet

Many investigators are reporting that more than a third of their cases and income is coming from the Internet. I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to get or update your website on the Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. You’ll learn how to get your website ranked and show up on the first page of the search engines.

Will you be the First to learn these techniques…or will your Competitors?

You’ll also learn several easy to apply business techniques that successful private investigators use to operate their agencies in a profitable manner. Being busy doesn’t mean your making money, being profitable does!

Learn 29 proven techniques you can use to Double your current revenue!

When was the last time you asked a competitor to tell you how they run their operation, where they advertise, how they attract new clients, and where they go to get unique information? If you did ask, did they tell you? NO ONE will ever share or reveal to you the specific secrets that I and many other successful private investigators have learned to ultimately generate millions of dollars in billing as a private investigator. That’s right, millions!

  • How to turn telephone inquires into paying clients
  • How to increase your hourly rate without losing clients
  • How to get bigger retainers that clients will gladly pay
  • How to properly bill clients for your services
  • How developing Perception Management will earn you more clients and money
  • How using the right tools will save you and your client’s time and money
  • Why it pays to say good-bye to certain clients
  • How your agency name can help or hurt your business
  • How to turn your business card into a client magnet
  • How to get potential clients to call you instead of you chasing them
  • How to approach and get work from lawyers and insurance companies
  • How to approach and get work from all types of companies
  • How networking will earn you big clients and big bucks
  • How to promote yourself for free, especially on the Internet
  • How using certain databases can earn you $250 per hour
  • How to create a simple Business & Marketing Plan
  • How to develop a great direct mail marketing program
  • How to ask and GET cases
  • How to get referrals
  • How to create and build your own created reputation
  • How to get your website to attract clients
  • How to get your website ranked on the first page of the search engines
  • How to optimize your website for maximum traffic, plus much more!

Learn more in one day than you could have in 20 years working in this profession!

Don’t believe me? Read a few attendee testimonials:

“I can honestly say that your seminar directly led to me making an additional $6000 the day after the seminar! From one tip alone!” Clark Dickenscheidt

“I have been working on a new business card design for few days and it was getting better. I showed it to Jimmie and he made a few tweaks and my card went from good to great.” Chuck McLaughlin

“I had for so long wanted to find someone to put me back on track, but someone who knew the industry inside and out. There is no doubt Jimmie knows what he is talking about and has inspired me with many of his ideas..I can’t sleep at night!” Shirley Goddard

“I’m so pleased that I drove hours to hear Jimmie speak. He is inspirational in many ways and I have already seen a drastic improvement on my income based on some of the simple changes to my web site that he suggested. The amount I paid for attending his seminar was earned in the first hour alone!” Anna Wilson

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent presentation you gave. I found the whole event most inspirational and informative and I am eager to get to work on improving my business in many of the ways you suggested.” Stuart Varley

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and as you predicted we came away with an insurmountable amount of useful information.” Lesley-Anne McLelland

“Highly focused and practical, Jimmie is a true professional and effective leader, my agency revenue has increased 20+% each of the last 3 years.” Bill Pelleron

“Having just started the business, all info is and was very helpful.” Phil Sikes

“Jimmie Mesis is a very gifted educator. The information shared today was current, applicable, and invaluable. Great Seminar!” Carla Hunt

Seminar Money Back Guarantee!

If by the lunch break you don’t feel the value of the information provided to you was worth the registration fee, simply don’t return for the afternoon session and you will receive a complete and instant refund!


If you’ve decided NOT to attend my seminar, I’d like to leave you with one question…


“What will you do tomorrow, that’s any different than what you did today, that makes you think you’ll get more clients, more cases, and make more money?” Jimmie Mesis

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