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A 1-hour Personal Telephone Marketing Consultation with
PI Coach Jimmie Mesis

It’s a proven fact that you can learn more and faster when a professional shows you how. Imagine, having someone with more than 36 years of proven business experience and investigative success personally teaching you how to maximize your income as a private investigator.

Who else is going to help or teach you?

Do you think that your peers (your competitors) are really going to share and show you how they earn a living?

Do you think they are going to reveal to you exactly how they market to find new clients, what they say to get those clients, or what they charge per hour? No way!

Jimmie Mesis will teach you what your competitors don’t want you to know!


In fact, wouldn’t you rather have someone who has generated millions of dollars in investigations teach you how he did it?

Not only is Jimmie Mesis the owner of PI Magazine, PIgear.com, USA Bugsweeps and a several other successful companies, he’s been a private investigator since 1979. He knows the investigative profession inside and out. He’s received numerous awards from investigative associations on both sides of the Atlantic and he knows exactly what services are profitable and which ones aren’t.

Jimmie has sold and purchased several investigative agencies throughout his successful business career. His investigative agencies have generated more income in one day than most agencies do in a week! When was the last time you billed out 48+ hours of surveillance in one day..6 days a week?

Hundreds of private investigators from around the world have taken advantage of Jimmie’s unique one-on-one telephone consultations. In just one hour, he’ll teach you and show you in a step-by-step process how to double your agency income.

Learn How to:

Increase Your Hourly Rate
& Get Larger Retainers

How would you like to learn two simple techniques that will immediately increase your hourly rate and the retainer amounts you get without losing a single client?

Learn How to:

Convert More Phone Inquiries into Clients

Not only will you learn these techniques, you’ll also learn a script that you and your staff can use whenever your telephone rings. But first, Jimmie will need to spend a few minutes teaching you how to get your phone to ring. You’ll learn how to get clients calling YOU instead of you chasing them.

It only takes one hour for Jimmie to get you started and teach you how to attract many new clients and earn a substantial income as a private investigator. Each new client can easily represent thousands of dollars in new and steady business.

Learn How to:

Market to Lawyers
& Insurance Companies

If you want lawyers as clients, Jimmie will teach you how to get past the lawyer’s secretary and how to get the secretary to be your main source of new work. How about insurance companies? You’ll learn a very simple technique that will ensure insurance companies try you out. How would you like to learn how to get added to the authorized vendors list at almost every insurance company you contact? Jimmie will show you how!

You’ll also learn a simple technique Jimmie has used to market specific database reports as an investigative service that is extremely profitable. It’ll cost you less than $10 and you’ll be able to offer it to lawyers and other clients for as much as $250. or more!

Learn how to:

Earn $250 – $500+ a day…everyday!

Now, you don’t have to attend a seminar to learn any of these amazing techniques or many more of Jimmie’s insider secrets. All you need to do is hire Jimmie Mesis for just one hour as your personal marketing consultant!

That’s right. All it takes is one hour for Jimmie to jump-start your investigative business.

Imagine, having an expert personally help you on a one-on-one basis.

Just make sure that you hire Jimmie before your competition does!

Bonus #1:

Jimmie will even review all of your existing marketing materials, business card, company name, and critique them all with his specific recommendations to improve the image you are projecting.


Jimmie will review your web site and make specific recommendations to insure that you get the best possible traffic from search engine inquiries.

Bonus #3:

Send Jimmie a list of your questions before the consultation and he will try to answer as many as time permits.

Jimmie has taught his techniques to thousands of PI’s and each one was amazed that he would reveal so many secrets and details about this profession when many private investigators protect this information like a trade secret.

You Can Record the Telephone Consultation!

That’s right. Jimmie wants you to focus on what he says and not have to worry about taking copious notes. You can record the entire consultation for your own personal use. Here’s the best part! In just one hour, he’ll get you going in the right direction for only $150. Yes, that may seem like a lot of money to some, but not when you consider that almost every person who has taken advantage of this opportunity have reported a 1,000% return on their investment and commented that what they learned in just one hour helped generate tens of thousands of dollars in new business. There’s only one way to find out!

Schedule a 1 Hour Personal Consultation Now!

The investment for a 1 hour personal consultation that will change your career and income as a private investigator with Jimmie Mesis is $250. One hour, that’s all you need to take your life and income to a much higher level.

Your $250 investment will result in you immediately converting more potential clients and receiving a higher hourly rate and larger retainers. By the way, if you think that his fee is too high, then you’ve just learned a valuable lesson, “Information has value!” How do you expect clients to pay you for the  information you develop if YOU can’t appreciate the value of career changing advice.

A Special Note from Jimmie Mesis:

I only have enough time for a limited number of serious investigators who are really committed to growing their investigative agency. In addition, you need to learn that opportunities don’t always last forever. You must recognize them and take advantage of opportunities when they appear.

To reserve and schedule your one hour consultation at the discounted rate, please send me an email at jim@pimagazine.com. Be sure to include“Subscriber Consultation Request” in the subject line of your email or just call me at 800-836-3088. We accept all credit cards and PayPal.

Call Now for your personal consultation.


PS: If you’ve decided not to take advantage of my personal consultation, I’d like to leave you with one question and thought…

“What will you do tomorrow that is any different than what you did today that makes you think you will acquire more clients and make more money?”

PSS: The bottom line is that everyone can use a little bit of help. Every tip I provide can help you easily earn a minimum of $1,000. In fact, several PI’s who took advantage of my consultations have been in the business for more than 20 years. I’ll summarize what they said, “Jimmie, where where you years ago? If I had spoken to you sooner, I would have made hundreds of thousands of dollars and saved tens of thousands on poorly placed or designed advertising and ‘ideas’ I thought would have worked, but didn’t. There is no doubt that the money I invested on a one hour consultation with you will yield me tens of thousands of dollars within months instead of years and save me many more YEARS of waiting for something good to happen.”

Call Now for your personal consultation.


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