• Using Computer Forensics to Prove a Case

    Computer Forensics (CF) expert Kevin Ripa encourages PIs to make sure that CF should be a consideration from the very onset of any investigation. If computers are not being considered in an investigation, a great deal is being left out, he warns.

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  • Uncovering Munchausen by Internet

    From those battling cancer to those caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s, the intricate web of lies uncovered from people claiming to have diseases or to prove they are sick is astounding says Stacy Jones in her explanation of Munchausen’s by Internet.

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  • Rocky Mountain High

    There are challenges and opportunities for PIs in the emerging legalization of marijuana. Eugene F. Ferraro, a Colorado PI, explains how PIs can build investigative and security specialties as the programs develop.

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  • Extreme Fraud: the 419 scam

    Ronald J. Alvarez presents an explanation of the financial and psychological sophistication, plus the devastating impact of the 419 scam to help PIs to adequately investigate and advise potential clients.

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  • Beware! Don’t Let Licensing Laws Trip You Up

    by Jane Cracraft

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  • A Tax Guessing Game

    by Mark E. Battersby

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  • Cover Story: Botox & Body Language

    Our special cover story, Attention To Animals: Provides PI Opportunities By Rihana Cary reveals how mistreatment of animals is on the rise and Rihana details how PIs can build and market this new investigative specialty in this niche trending market. With growing animal based legislation and laws, this field needs investigative help.

    Michele Stuart’s Internet FYI column provides readers with valuable insight about Mapping Sites and how from a security standpoint, you want as many images and different views as possible. NOw you’ll learn how to find them! The Legislative Update section keeps private investigators abreast of the latest legislative news from the nations’ capital with reports from NCISS & ISPLA.

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