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Submitting Association News to PI Magazine

(The following information is for state, national and international professional investigation associations who wish to have news published about their group.)

PI Magazine welcomes news of the associations, but has limited space, so please observe the following instructions when submitting material:

1. Please submit NEWS only. Editorials or "messages" are best submitted to your association editor.
2. Word limit: 120 words.
3. Do not refer to your association by its acronym only. In the first reference to the association, list the complete name, followed by its acronym, such as: Oregon Association of Licensed Investigators (OALI). After the initial reference, simply use the acronym.
4. Prepare your news item as NEWS. Give it a good lead sentence and follow up with the pertinent facts.
5. Be sure to include the name and contact information of the submitter. It won't be printed if we don't know who sent it and how to contact that person!
6. Remember that there are only a few activities of an association that are nationally and internationally newsworthy; some are listed below:
  • Annual election of officers and naming of committee chairs
  • Special awards. Names and award only-no comments.
  • Announcement of meetings ---well in advance of the date! (Type of meeting/conference, date, time, place, contact information)
  • Legislative activities in reference to professional investigation
7. Your news must be submitted to before these deadlines:
  Jan/Feb: November 1
Mar/Apr: January 2
May/Jun: March 1
Jul/Aug: May 1
Sep/Oct: July 1
Nov/Dec: September 1

What to Avoid!

  • Don't send "messages" to your members or colleagues in the material that you send to PI Magazine! A lengthy pep talk about all the wonderful accomplishments of your term of office, or kudos to people who have received awards, are not "news" items. It's wonderful if national and international associations and groups are honoring your state association members, but the lengthy congratulatory messages are not appropriate for PI Magazine's news pages. Personal messages and thank yous are not news!
  • If you're reporting on awards that have been presented at your conferences, please don't tell us the awards were "well deserved"-why else would they be given? That's editorializing, not reporting news.
  • Don't send information on your upcoming conference a week or two before it happens! It won't get printed. (Check the deadlines for submission and make sure you get the information to the editor in plenty of time).

Other Helpful Hints

  • Read the association news pages in the latest issue of PI Magazine for examples of how to write news articles. Remember the word limit: 120 words.
  • Unless something happened at your annual conference that will change the way that investigations will be done forever, the most important news from that event is most likely your election of officers! Don't bury their names in the middle of the news release---use it as the lead! Example: Dan Carver was re-elected to a third term as president of the Wyoming Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI) at the group's annual conference. Also elected were (list everyone else and their new titles).
  • Use simple, explanatory words. Remember this is news---not a literary competition.
  • Remember, PI Magazine is the journal for professional investigators! We want to print your news.

We also want to publish information that will help you have a successful and profitable career. If you have information that you believe should be covered more extensively than the 120 word limit allows, send an e-mail to outlining the subject. A good example would be legislative news and action in your state that will affect investigators in other areas, or could be a groundbreaking development that others could try to imitate in their areas. There is a section for legislative news that is separate from state association news. Submit your article or query clearly marked "Legislative".

Questions and comments may be submitted to


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