• Investigating Religion, Cults, and the Occult

    There are twenty major religions and hundreds, if not thousands, of cults and occult groups in the world today. For each one of those there are further splits and divisions into separate denominations, sects, churches, temples, covens, and other independent splinter groups. Wade Sellers shares his expertise in investigating the beliefs and the believers when something has gone wrong.

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  • The Investigator’s Role in Settlement Packages

    When legal investigators
    work on a plaintiff’s
    personal injury
    case, the early stages
    of the assignment involve
    pinning down the cause of the injuries
    and proving who was responsible for causing
    them. Once liability is established, there will be
    a delay of some months while medical treatment
    and therapy take place and additional
    expert physicians can be brought into the case
    to evaluate and treat the patient and, of course,
    be prepared to testify.

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    Murders of pregnant women for their
    unborn babies are brutal and savage
    crimes. The offender literally cuts the
    fetus from the victim mother’s womb
    in a bizarre replication of a cesarean
    section procedure, according to Vernon
    Geberth, M.S., M.P.S., a New York
    homicide and forensic consultant. This
    type of homicide is statistically rare, he
    reports, but not without precedent.

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  • Choosing a Surveillance Vehicle

    Our current issue celebrates our 13th Anniversary of publishing 78 issues of PI Magazine.

    This is also our annual Surveillance Issue which covers important topics starting with our cover story, How To Select a Surveillance Vehicle. Obviously it depends on where you work and the type of cases you work on, but this article will give you some good tips and what works best for many private investigators. We also include other related articles providing specific steps private investigators can take to significantly increase their success when hired to conduct a surveillance assignment.

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  • Private Eye In the Sky

    Sitting in my living room on a Sunday morning, having my
    first cup of tea, with Fox News on in the background, I
    was reviewing details of a difficult surveillance when I
    heard, “The FAA has released its proposed guidelines for
    the commercial use of drones….”

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