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Uncovering Reasonabe Doubt - DVD
The Component Method

By Brandon A. Perron


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The PI Magazine Bookstore is proud to offer investigators Uncovering Reasonable Doubt - DVD The Component Method by Brandon A. Perron which offers 1 hour of Training.

Introduction Version - Philosophy and Methodology
Comprehensive Guide for the Criminal Investigator
Criminal Defense Investigation

This DVD is from the perspective of a criminal defense investigator and shows you in step-by-step guidelines and procedures how to conduct an investigation to uncover reasonable doubt for the defense. Although there is an over abundance of manuals on how to go about conducting a criminal investigation, none of them have a specific focus as this one does--how to go about uncovering and establishing reasonable doubt with a focus on the author's successful and compelling "component method" of investigation for criminal defense.

Mr. Perron has been successfully conducting criminal investigation for the defense with some of the finest criminal defense attorneys and trial lawyers in the nation. His methods have cleared over 200 defendants and countless cases resulting in reduced charges. In 1994, he structured and organized the Florida 19th Judicial Circuit Public Defender investigations division and was appointed the Training Director. In 1995 Mr. Perron was appointed by Florida Governor Lawton Chiles to conduct investigations of suspected human and civil rights violations. His vast expereince in conducting criminal defense investigations include over one hundred homicide cases and 31 1st Degree murder cases involving the death penalty. He has investigated over 1000 criminal cases. Mr. Perron's work on criminal investigation guidelines and procedures for the defense will be an extremely valuable addition to your investigative library and training.

Being of extreme value to any investigator involved in a criminal defense investigation, this excellent work lays out unqie investigative guidelines and procedures you need to develop to establish a reasonable doubt. Mr. Perron's unique, highly successul amd compelling "component method" of criminal defense investigation cuts through the facts bringing to light the truth and establishes compelling reasonable doubt. Written by one of the most successful criminal defense investigators in the United States, this DVD is for any investigator involved in just about any type of criminal defense investigation.


retail $39.95
Our Price $31.95

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