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Legal Solutions for the Professional Investigator

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SmartDraw Legal Solution for Professional Investigators.

The SmartDraw Legal Solution is an easy-to-use graphics solution that empowers police officers, investigators, and other law enforcement professionals with more control over legal graphics.

Auto accidents, forensics, crime scenes, and many more issues and events critical to law enforcement professionals are easier to explain to attorneys, juries and other audiences with diagrams, charts, and legal graphics made with SmartDraw.

Accident Reconstruction Diagrams
(click to enlarge)

Personal Injury, Insurance,
Medical Malpractice
- Whiplash
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SmartDraw Legal Solution for Professional Investigators, Accident Reconstruction
SmartDraw Legal Solution for Professional Investigators, Whiplash injuries

In just a few minutes, you can make convincing, professional:

• Crime scene diagrams
• Timelines
• Storyboards
• Accident reconstructions
• Evidence charts
• Floor plans and facilities
• Medical diagrams
• Forensic diagrams
• and much more!

Total Control
The primary benefit of using the SmartDraw Legal Solution is enjoying total control of the legal graphics you use to make your case.

For far too long, legal professionals have been forced to outsource the design of legal graphics, and lose control over the process to a designer with no investment in the outcome of the case at hand.

Crime Scenes & Criminal Law Examples - Crime Scene - Alley
(click to enlarge)
crime scene diagram, SmartDraw Legal Solution for Professional Investigators

But the SmartDraw Legal Solution changes all that, giving you complete control over the design and development of your trial exhibits and legal graphics.

There is no design skill or even artistic talent required to use the SmartDraw Legal Solution. You’ll get the results you would expect from a professional designer without the high costs and hassles of outsourcing design.

Drag-and Drop Drawing: How Anyone Can Get Professional Results
The SmartDraw Legal Solution includes more than 50,000 graphics (symbols, clip art, and more) and more than 1,200 layout templates to meet most any drawing need. Here’s how it works:
1. Choose a template.
2. Drag symbols and add/edit text on to that template.

If you know how to use a mouse, you know how to use SmartDraw. There is no complicated manual to follow, and no training required. The symbols and templates are professionally designed, and may be fully customized to meet your specifications.
  • Edit symbols and templates: tweak SmartDraw’s graphics to fit your case
  • Import symbols and templates: easily move your graphics into SmartDraw
  • Import, view, and edit photos: use the SmartDraw Image Plug-In to populate your legal graphics with your photos


Trial Timelines and Calendars - Insurance Claim Timeline
(click to enlarge)
legal timeline, SmartDraw Legal Solution for Professional Investigators

Works with What (and with Whom) You Know

A fundamental benefit of the SmartDraw Legal Solution is that it works hand-in-hand with Word, PowerPoint, and many of the other litigation support programs and products you already know.

Moving a SmartDraw graphic into Office applications is as simple as copy and paste—there's no complicated file exporting or document reformatting necessary.

The SmartDraw Legal Solution contains more tools and higher-quality graphics than out-of-the-box graphics products, but it’s not a complicated design software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Photoshop—it's far easier to use than any of those.

Screen Shot
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SmartDraw Legal Solution for Professional Investigators, screen shot

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