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Preventing Terrorist Suicide Attacks.

Preventing Terrorist Suicide Attacks

By Michael Aman

98 pages
Figures and illustrations
6"x 8.5"

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PI Magazine Bookstore is proud to offer investigators Preventing Terrorist Suicide Attacks. "It won't happen here," is a common belief when it comes to suicide attacks by terrorists,  But unfortunately, it can. Preventing Terrorist Suicide Attacks provides essential information for law enforcement officers on techniques for recognizing potential terrorists and preventing suicide attacks. The information discussed is applicable to preventing attacks that are both domestic and international in origin. Figures and illustrations help illustrate the author's explanations.

This resource is ideal for self-study or as a four-hour training course. A complete instructor's package including full lecture outlines, PowerPoint slides, test questions, and discussion questions, will be available.

Key Features:
• Case Studies - Discussion of real-life events help the law enforcement officer understand the tactics and techniques of suicide terrorists.
• Prevention Guidelines - List exactly what the law enforcement officer can do to prevent a terrorist suicide attack.
• Key Terms - Are easily identifiable within the text and define terms that law enforcement must know.
• Instructor's ToolKit CD-ROM - Available with PowerPoint presentations and lecture outlines.

Table of Contents:
Section 1 - The Suicide Terrorist
Section Objectives
Case Study: The bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya in 1998
A Brief History of Terrorism
The “Classical” Period of Modern Terrorism
Terrorism Triggers the First World War
Terrorism as a Tool of State Oppression in the 1930’s and 40’s
The Emergence of Marxist Terrorism in the 1960’s
Domestic Terrorism in the United States
Separatism and Nationalism as Causes for Terrorism
Palestinian Terrorism
The Emergence of Religious Terrorism and Suicide Missions
Terrorist Groups Worldwide and Their Actions
The Objectives of Suicide Tactics
The Infliction of Mass Casualties
Excessive Media Attention
Economic Disruption
Undermining the Public Sense of Security
Tactical Advantages of Suicide Missions
Precise Timing and Targeting of the Attack
An Escape Plan is not necessary
The Capture and Interrogation of the Terrorist are avoided
High Probability of Success
Profile of the Suicide Terrorist
Motivating Factors
Religious Fanaticism
Self-sustained Religious Fanaticism
Fear-based Religious Fanaticism
Spiritual Rewards
Material Rewards
Life Experience
Suicide Terrorists with a History of a Positive Lifestyle
Suicide Terrorists Coming from a Troubled Background
Weapons of the Suicide Terrorist
Case Study: The assassination of the former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi by a female suicide terrorist.
Body-worn Terrorist Suicide Weapons
Conclusions of the Rajiv Gandhi Case Study
Suicide Explosive Devices Concealed in a Bag, Box, or Similar Object
Terrorist Suicide Vehicle Bombs
The Importance of Structural Barriers
Pre-Attack Indicators
End of Section Material
Nairobi Embassy Bombing Case Study – Conclusions
Self Evaluation
Section 2 – Prevention Guidelines
Section Objectives
Case Study: Failed terrorist suicide attack on an Israeli Army checkpoint by a teenage suicide bomber
Suicide Terrorist Recruitment
Foreign Recruitment of Suicide Terrorists
Terrorist Recruitment within the United States
Prevention Guidelines
The Planning Phase of Terrorist Suicide Attacks
Target Selection
Tactics of a Terrorist Suicide Attack
Mental Preparation and Indoctrination of Suicide Terrorists
Spiritual Training and Basic Tactical Training Phase
The Al Qaeda Terrorism Manual
The Tactical Training Phase for Suicide Terrorists
Acquisition of Bomb Materials
Prevention Guidelines during the Planning Stage of Terrorist Suicide Attacks
Interviewing and Interrogating Muslims and Middle Easterners
The Preparation Phase of Terrorist Suicide Attacks
Movements and Whereabouts of Terrorists during this Phase
Reconnaissance and Tactical Training
Behavioral Changes in the Suicide Terrorist
Prevention Guidelines during the Preparation Stage of Terrorist Suicide Attacks
Terrorist Suicide Attack in-Progress
The Physical Appearance of Suicide Terrorists
Age and Ethnicity of Suicide Terrorists
The Gender of Suicide Terrorists
Final Rituals
Approaching the Scene
Call-takers and Dispatchers
Engagement Teams
Use of Deadly Force
Evacuation Teams
Post-Blast Considerations
Prevention Guidelines – Field Manual
End of Chapter Materials
Israeli Checkpoint Case Study – Conclusions
Self Evaluation

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98 pages
Figures and illustrations
6"x 8.5"

retail $39.95
Our Price $31.95

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