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The PI Magazine Bookstore is proud to offer investigators the 9-hour digital voice watch recorder & MP3 player. Our new USB-Connect Digital Voice Watch Recorder offers up to 9 hours (520 minutes) of crystal-clear, digital record-time without use of magnetic tape - audio is stored in 256MB of flash memory which makes it ideal for use as a memo recorder by law enforcement, investigative journalists, attorneys, medical professionals, secretaries, business professionals, students, and the general public.

This is a very high quality fully functional watch with built-in digital recorder/player. 256Mb flash memory records 9 full hours of voice via built-in microphone and/or dozens of MP3 music files. Ideal for recording notes on the go, dictation, or reminders. Listen to MP3 music files with included stereo earphones or on your computer using windows media player. Internal rechargeable battery records for 9 hours between charges. USB interface cable included for quick connection to your computer.

Watch Recorder Functions:
• A powerful MP3 player and digital voice recorder at arms reach. The all new 256MB Powerdisk MP3 Voice Recorder Watch is a full surveillance platform that you wear on your wrist. Besides keeping great time, the digital recorder watch can store your favorite MP3s so you can listen and relax between boring meetings or while waiting for your target to arrive before you begin surveillance.256MB flash memory records up to 9 hours of voice via built-in microphone and also holds your favorite MP3s. To record voice with the built in digital voice recorder simply select the mode using the micro LED's on the face and activate the recording function.

• 9 Hours of Digital Voice Recording USB Interface - plugs into left side of watch AC adaptor - charge your voice recorder watch when not in use 256MB memory - most memory of any digital watch recorder - stores important documents too Internal rechargeable lith-ion battery - no memory effect
• MP3 Recorder / Player

• 256 MB flash memory
• Recording time 520 minutes / nearly 9 hours
• Nearly 9 hours of battery life when fully charged
• USB port for play back and charging
• AC adapter
• Internal rechargeable battery, 1 1/2 to 2 hours to fully charge
• MP3 compression
• Operating system windows98/ME/NT/2000/XP or above


voice mp3 player watch stereo earphones and usb cable

• Wrist watch media player
• Stereo earphones
• AC adaptor
• USB cable
• Instructions / windows 98 driver
• 2.5 to 3.5 converter


9-hour digital voice watch recorder & MP3 player
retail $295.00
Our Price $189.95

Watch face may come in black or white.



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