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Telephone Analyzer & Tap Deactivator
Professional Series
Phone & Fax Bug Deactivator

Our Price $299


PI Gear is proud to offer investigators the Professional Series Phone & Fax Bug Deactivator.

This telephone line wire tap detector and deactivator has six levels of protection against virtually any phone line wire tap or eavesdropping equipment that has been placed on your phone line. The line wire tap detector automatically deactivates all known line wire tapping devices.

Telephone Security System

Incorporates digital display screen
The digital display on the detector constantly informs you of on-hook and off-hook line voltage so you will know immediately when a telephone line wire tap has been placed on your phone line.  If there is a drastic change in line voltage some type of eavesdropping equipment has been placed on your phone line.

Regulates line voltage
Voltage sensing Telephone recorders will never know you are using your phone line because the Telephone Analyzer regulates the line voltage, rendering the recorders useless by causing them to stay in standby mode.

Monitors extension eavesdropping
Your phone conversations are guaranteed private against extension phone eavesdropping with the automatic mute feature.  When having a conversation on your phone and an extension phone is picked up, an LED light goes out alerting you of the extension eavesdropping and the phone you are using is automatically muted.  You can choose to continue your conversation, knowing that someone may be listening, by switching the Telephone Analyzer from 'Safe' to 'Unsafe' mode.

Causes shift in crystal line frequencies
Crystal line transmitters are caused to shift of their frequency rendering them useless against the Telephone Analyzer.

Causes line recorders to run when phone is not in use
The Anti-VOX feature places a simulated tone on your phone line when your phone is not in use causing voice activated recorders and devices to constantly run, recording the tone and filling up the tape or digital capacity.

Fully line powered
Telephone and fax bug deactivator with anti-vox system is fully line powered. Requires no batteries or AC adaptor to operate.

Purchase Includes:
• Phone & Fax Bug Deactivator
• Telephone Connection Cable
• Adjusting Jewelers Tool
• Hard Shell Storage Case
• Instructions

Easy Installation
Protect phone conversations from telephone line taps, bugs, and eavesdropping equipment with this Professional Series telephone analyzer and tap deactivator. It has six levels of protection including an Anti-VOX feature for defeating voice activated recorders.

Professional Series Phone & Fax Bug Deactivator
Our Price $299


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