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Pro Series Mini 2.4GHz
Color Kit

Wireless, Color Camera so Small it Hides Anyware
private investigator, color, wireless, Pin Hole Camera, graphics

Our Price $295


PI Gear is proud to offer investigators the Pro Series Mini 2.4GHz Color Kit. Proven performance and dependability! We have carried this set for over 4 years.  This very small Mini CMOS wireless 2.4 video camera/transmitter delivers excellent picture quality and range. Camera/transmitter operate for 8 full hours on a single 9-Volt battery or 4 "AA" batteries.

No surveillance job is too big for the world's smallest 2.4GHz color camera! This unbelievably tiny camera is no bigger than a postage stamp and has the power to transmit, real-time, full-color video to any TV or VCR within 300 feet. It can be powered by an AC adapter OR a portable battery pack, so you can place this camera virtually anywhere! Hide it in a houseplant or air conditioning vent to make sure your nanny isn't mistreating the kids while you're away. Mount it in a mailbox to see who's been swiping your mail. Or place it in the kitchen cabinet near the candy stash to make sure your kids aren't secretly raiding it! The applications are endless!

The camera transmits over the powerful 2.4GHz spectrum, making sure images arrive crystal clear -- even through walls and floors. Just set up the camera, connect the 2.4GHz receiver to the TV or VCR, and the system is up and running! The camera/transmitter comes with a receiver, two AC adapters (one for the camera, the other for the receiver), a battery pack and two RCA cables. The battery pack requires 4 AA batteries, which can power the camera for approximately 10 hours.

Single channel 2.4GHz wireless cmos color camera.

The Color high quality CMOS camera and transmitter are built into 1 piece. 1 channel transmitter.The Color camera has a nice bright 360 lines of resolution, 1 lux, 5.6mm lens, measures 18X34X17mm. Camera and transmitter are encased in ABS. Included also, is a 1 channel receiver that you can plug into your VCR or TV. This allows a transmission range of up to 1000 ft line of sight in the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum. To set up, just plug in the battery or ac adapter to transmitter/camera. Then plug the receiver into your TV/VCR input. Turn the TV/VCR to video input. This camera will operate from a 9 volt battery, 6 volt power supply, or 6 volt battery pack (4-AA's) with on/off switch (all included).

Package also includes:
AC adapter for receiver, wireless color CMOS camera with 2.4GHz transmitter encased in hard ABS plastic, 1 channel 2.4GHz receiver with cables for VCR. You don't need anything else.

private investigator, color, wireless, Pin Hole Camera kit, graphics


Model # 752002
Picture Output Color
Pixels 250,000
Resolution 380 Lines
Minimum Illumination <3 Lux
Lens 5.6mm  60 deg. field of view
Waterproof No
Wireless Range 300 feet
Transmit Frequency 2.452 GHz
Video Output Connector Female RCA for audio and video
Power Requirements (receiver) 12 VDC at 180mA
Power Supply (receiver) 12 VDC, 300ma adapter Included
Power Requirements (camera) 4.8 to 7.2 VDC at 100mA
Power Supply (camera) 4.5 VDC, 300ma adapter Included
Operating Temperature 14F to 122F
Receiver Dimensions (inches) 5.9"w x 1.3" h x .79"d
Camera Dimensions (inches) .71"w x 1.9" h x .9"d
Warranty 1 year

Pro Series Mini 2.4GHz Color Kit
Our Price $295


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