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PI Audio Recorder
[Line Recorder Only Available in White]

The PI Magazine Bookstore is proud to offer investigators the PI Audio Line Recorder™ Recorder that allows you to instantly record and playback all your telephone conversations in the house or office to a single PC!

Avoid potential misunderstandings.
Install in less than 2 minutes. PI Audio Line Recorder makes it very easy.
Just install the software and plug the recorder into a USB port on your compter.

• The PI Audio Line Recorder allows one unit to record all phones in the house or office to a single computer.
• One unit is needed for each phone line. So if you have one phone number in your home or office you will only need one line recorder which will be placed next to the computer, if more than one line needs to be recorded multiple recorders can be connected to one pc.
• Connect the line recorder to the analog lines which come into the phone system if you have a digital phone system in your home or office.
• For regular phones connect the PI Audio Line Recorder as shown in the diagram below.
• Furthermore, the PI Audio Line Recorder unit will work with wireless phones as well as regular wired phones.

User Interface - Shown Actual Size

• Record assignments, witness statements,
   interviews and sales transactions
• Instantly logs all calls and recordings
• E-mail recorded .wav files to clients
• Instantly replay any recording
• Unit powered by computer
• No electrical cords or batteries required
• No recording time limitations
• Silently record any phone or room conversation*
• No more audio tapes
• Add comments and bookmarks while recording
• Time/date stamp marked on each recording
• Works with all home and business phones
• No additional hardware or software required
• Save all your voice mail messages
• Connect PI Audio to your laptop and take it with you

*Disclaimer: Users must comply with Federal and State laws and acquire permission to record when required.


Standard Features

Record Telephone Conversations
Record through Local Microphone
Playback through PC Speakers
Playback through Telephone Handset
Standard Wave file Format
Control by Recorder keys
Control by PC interface
Query by Date, Time File Size Comments.
User definable Comments
User definable Bookmarks
Bookmarks and comments allow a user to place points within a recording
for easy playback from a pre-selected point.
Live chat by Boldchat

Device Specifications
Size .........................................4”X 3” X 1.3”
Weight......................................Less than 1 lb
Operating temperature.................0 to 60 degrees C
PC Interface...............................USB
Telephone Inter face.....................Handset Cord


Play Record from Phone
Record from Device
Forward / Backwards

Windows 2000 / Windows 2000 Professional / Windows XP home edition / Windows
XP professional edition
64MB of RAM
USB Port
Telephone is needed for recording Phone conversations, however no phone is needed for recording room conversations.

Download Software Here
Order the PI AUDIO Unit and You're Ready to Record

PI Audio Line Recorder
Unit size: 2.87"x3.25"x1"

retail $299.95
Our Price

Download Full Training Manual

PI AUDIO Line Recorder Quick Start Instructions

Dear User:

The software MUST be installed before you connect the PI Audio Line Recorder Unit to your computer.
Download Software Here

In order to use all available features on the recorder a user needs to be created. If only recording is desired the recorder can be used out of the box by just intalling the software and then pluggng into teh computer only after the software has been installed. Once the recorder is plugged in you will see a "Found New Hardware Dialog Box" on the screen. You will see this dialog box twice. Once the hardware is installed start the software and start recording.

Creating a User:
Click on Logout (top left corner of the player, Enter "ADMIN" as user name and no password, click "OK"). Create a user with the user name and user id. The default user is"URX". Click on the "NEW/Clear," button and create a new user. Make sure to save the new user by clicking the "floppy disk" button for saving.

Next make sure to click on the "Data Directory" button and enter the path to where you would like your recordings to be stored.

Move over to the General Tab and check "Login Needed." Click n the floppy disk to save your new user. Login is needed only if you have more than one user.

Next enter your user name that was created into the location where the user name is ADMIN in order to return to the player: make sure to also enter the password you have created. So, to toggle between the Administrator screen and the PI Audio Player simply enter either the ADMIN as a user or the user's user and password.

Thanks for choosing the PI Audio Recorder



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