• Working With Criminal Defense Attorneys

    David Boudreau says, “Your attorney clients want you to be able to get information, and do so in a legal ethical manner. Much of what we do as criminal defense investigators is gather information. That includes identifying new or additional witnesses, obtaining reports, obtaining background information on potential defense and prosecution witnesses, or developing new leads or theories of defense.” His article gives clues on how to be better at this.

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  • Infinity Screening

    W. Barry Nixon, reports that “Despite its longevity, we see change coming to background screening. The emerging change is infinity screening, the process of conducting background checks on current employees on a periodic or ongoing basis to stay informed about life changes which could create increased risk for your organization.” Nixon is the expert who shows how PIs can recognize and be prepared for the change.

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  • Growing PI Association

    PI Associations, some formed decades ago, share a similar struggle to maintain the interest and participation of their members and to attract new ones. William F. Blake, CPP, CFE, offers suggestions for addressing the issues.

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  • The Curtis Lovelace Story

    Sitting in a jail cell in Carthage, Illinois, near the Mississippi River, Curtis Lovelace is the most unlikely person to face first-degree murder charges. He is a former prosecutor, school board president, adjunct professor, and JAG officer—if this can happen to Lovelace, it can happen to anyone. This is the story that Bill Clutter covers in our “Investigating Innocence” section this time

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  • Investigating Religion, Cults, and the Occult

    There are twenty major religions and hundreds, if not thousands, of cults and occult groups in the world today. For each one of those there are further splits and divisions into separate denominations, sects, churches, temples, covens, and other independent splinter groups. Wade Sellers shares his expertise in investigating the beliefs and the believers when something has gone wrong.

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