• Conducting Pre-Litigation Asset Searches

    Phillip Becnel provides an essential key to the search
    for a subject’s assets : “…reframe the question. Rather
    than exclusively trying to identify assets that might be
    used to pay a judgment, investigate also what the subject’s
    lifestyle tells you about their net worth.”

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  • What If The Most Important Witness Is A Child?

    “If you encounter a case where child witnesses
    and their parents or guardians need
    to be approached, stop and think whether
    you are equipped to do this or if you should
    bring in a more experienced investigator”–
    -expert advice from Jane Cracraft from her
    decades of experience.

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  • What Children Can Teach a Private Investigator

    “When I became a parent, the one thing I did
    not expect was that my children would be teaching
    me valuable lessons about life and my profession,”
    Brian Willingham admits in this quick
    review of how a child can teach a PI better ways
    to complete an assignment.

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  • Introduction to Interviewing Child Sexual Assault Victims

    Lawrence Daly shares a tip seldom offered by
    PIs experienced in interviewing children: “…
    gather all of the written documents and social
    workers’ or police audio/video recordings
    in advance. It is also important to conduct a
    thorough background on any child interviewers
    who are from a private agency that has civil
    employees who conduct these interviews.”

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  • Private Eye In the Sky

    Sitting in my living room on a Sunday morning, having my
    first cup of tea, with Fox News on in the background, I
    was reviewing details of a difficult surveillance when I
    heard, “The FAA has released its proposed guidelines for
    the commercial use of drones….”

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